1.Smart touch switch mirror: Led mirror with touch sensor, Slightly touch to switch on/off even hands with water.
2.LED Mirror with Light: Led Bathroom Mirror Brighten up your bathroom with high quality energy-efficient mirror with LED lighting.  over 50,000-hours lifetime. CRI and Ra over 90, bring a more clear and softer lighting to your bath.
3.Color changing Led mirror: Colour changing led bathroom mirror, Adjustable LED color temperature from Cool 3000 K to Warm 6500 K with Memory Function offers you choices of different light colors for different purposes. Led color changing mirror ,adjustable LED brightness from dark to bright with Memory Function. Mirror with color changing lights only hold the switch to adjust suitable color temperature and brightness for your bathroom.
4.Anti fog Mirror: Anti fog mirror for shower integrated demister pads gently heat the mirror surface to keep it steam free. Anti fog bathroom mirror automatically turn on with light. Fog free shower mirror, always keep your mirror dry and clear. Anti fog bathroom mirror with light make your life more happy!
5.Waterproof Mirror: Smart mirror with IP44 waterproof level with CE and UL certifications. Wires concealed into a lbox on the back, suitable for installation in zone 2.
6.Energy Saving: Custom bathroom mirror save over 90% energy, higher than the average in the market with competitive bathroom mirror price.
                      Item Code                  Size(mm)                                                                Product Description
                                                          W                 H                 D                                   Copper free mirror with safety film back
                      5070                           500              700              30                                   Color temperature adjustable
                      6080                           600              800              30                                   Brightness Dimming
                      10060                         1000            600              30                                   Defogger
                      12065                         1200            650              30                                   Touch Switch
Sietra  offers various of framed mirror, frameless mirror, led mirror, led mirror cabinet, standard size mirror and so on , which are available in abundance for wholesaler, contractor, distributor, E-commerce, etc. And we have an experienced R&D team who develops new designs every year to bring creative ideas to the market.
1.Custom Bathroom mirror: We are LED mirror manufacturer, so we can accept OEM/ODM custom bathroom mirror orders.
2.Custom backlit mirror size: We can do any custom backlit mirror size and shape that you want.
3.Custom functions: We accept customize anti fog mirror; touch switch mirror; color changing mirror; bath led mirror;+ RGB colors……

Why Choose our Lighted mirror? Here is the answer!!
Firstly; Certifications of Lighted mirror

Second; Material Options of Lighted mirror:
1.Copper free glass: This led bathroom mirror is using copper-free silver mirror, provides corrosion resistance and vibrant reflectiveness.

2.High Quality LED Strips: Use high-brightness energy-saving waterproof led strip, our LED mirror reduces energy consumption, which saves more than 80% energy Service life of more than 50,000 hours
3. 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty: Our 5 years limited lifetime warranty with top-level customer services covers customers for the life of their product based on the manufacturer’s defect.

4.Strong Protection Packaging: Our packaging protects both the mirror corners and both the front and back sides of the mirror much better. It has passed dropping test.

5.Memory Function: The LED mirror will remember the status of your lighting settings when cutting off power. You don’t need to reset the light mode when you reconnect the power,

Third; Professional Tests of lighted mirror :

1. Waterproof test for lighted mirror : This mirror reach IP44 waterproof level with CE and UL certifications. Wires concealed in a box on the back, suitable for installation in zone 2.

2. Drop test: This mirror has been drop tested, impact tested, and heavy pressure tested to ensure safe transportation. Comprehensive instructions are included in the package.

3. We own a lot test machine. Such as Integrating sphere test machine, Salt spray test machine, Hing open-closing test machine, Voltage resistance tester, Touch switch lifetime tester, Bursting strength tester.